Testosterone Support

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

All men will eventually have symptoms of low testosterone whether they recognize it or not. Most men recognize the problem when they have a problem with sexual dysfunction, but symptoms start way before this.

One of the most foretelling signs of lower testosterone is a decrease in muscle mass with an increase in fat around the waist while having no change in exercise or eating habits. Along with an increase in fat there is a decrease in energy and libido.

Testosterone levels usually start to decrease after the age of 27 and continues to decrease with aging. What some people may not know is that a decrease in testosterone levels can also effect women and their energy levels.

Correcting Decreasing Testosterone Levels

To help reduce symptoms of low testosterone levels there are a few things you can do. First an increase of stress and a lack of sleep will decrease testosterone production, so a change in lifestyle may be necessary.

There are also several prescription medications that increase testosterone levels but these should only be used in serious cases because of side effects and potential serious side effects.

Last there are also Natural Testosterone Boosters that are thought to increase testosterone by increasing production through the adrenal glands and increasing uptake of androgen receptors.

To help people with finding a high quality natural testosterone supplement we use an 8 point grading process.

Effectiveness Ingredient Quality
Safety Consumer Satisfaction
Formula Strength Company Reputation
Overall Value Cost to Quality

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