Increase Testosterone to Boost Bedroom Fun

test-postMore than a decade ago, Americans discovered Horny goat weed as a way to increase testosterone and give a needed boots to bedroom fun. There are many supplements that contain this ingredient. It is also know by the names yin yang huo or epimedium. Research has shown that icariin, a compound found in Horny Goat Weed, inhibits enzymes similar to what Viagra, the male-enhancement drug, does.
Yohimbe is an African tree bark that has been shown to boost circulation. More blood getting to sex organs boosts love making sensations. Most consumers experience an energy boost. Note that too much yohimbine can cause discomfort associated with mania and sweats.

Women Need a Boost in Testosterone, Too

Women are discovering that there are testosterone supplements a help in regaining their libido. The amino acid L-Arginine can increase nitric oxide, increasing blood flow and origination. The Peruvian herb Maca increases libido, too. There is now news that Tribulus Terrestris extract increases in levels of DHEA and testosterone.
Men and women consume Muira Puama (aka potency wood) because it has shown to significantly improve erectile function and increase sexual desire.

About Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone also called an anabolic-androgenic steroid that is released from the brain throughout the entire body. It is also located in the testicles used for sperm production. This hormone is needed for deepening of the voice, hair growth, muscular growth, and sexual desire. The hormone is released from the brain to regulate bodily development and functions. Male infants are born with testosterone which increases as they become older and wildly fluctuates during puberty and in to young adulthood.

Men often have higher levels of hormones during and after sex. They may also maintain higher levels while watching explicit films or during conversation with women they are very attracted to. Often younger men are more aggressive during sports and other competitive activities due to higher testosterone levels. When testosterone levels are elevated the male heart, liver, lungs, and etc., often become larger. A normal level for men around the age of 25 is 692. As men get older the average level decreases to 552. These levels start to decrease around 30 years of age for most men.

There are several different factors for a decrease to what physicians refer to as t-levels. These factors are obesity, stress, alcoholism, chemotherapy, and many other disorders, illnesses, and diseases. As men become older their levels decrease and this can lead to depression, lower sex drive, and other issues. It is imperative to speak to a physician when these symptoms occur to make sure there aren’t any underlying problems such as prostate cancer. Erectile dysfunction is another factor that may need to be addressed if there are many problems due to dropped t-levels. Some symptoms of erectile dysfunction are trouble with becoming erect, trouble with keeping the erection, and a very low sex drive. Erectile dysfunction usually appears in men over the age of 60 years old.

Due to the growing obesity rate it is important to eat healthier and exercise, also choose activities that will reduce stress levels. These are key points to a healthy male lifestyle to maintain t-levels and libido. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to have for a healthy sex life and it is not only important to the man but to his partner as well. Some men often use different types of treatments to help increase their t-levels also. Such treatments are injections, the Androderm patch, Androgel, Clomiphene tablets, a penile implant, or a stick that looks like deodorant that can be used under the arm. Men should never use any type of treatment unless they are under the care of a physician or Endocrinologist.

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